Hackathon Sponsors


$27,620 in prizes

Most Technically Challenging

Flights to the city of your choice for the team.

Most Polished

Dinner for the team at a Michelin-starred Restaurant.

Most Creative

Concert tickets of your choice for the team.

Best First Time Hackathon Hack

At least 50% of team has to be new to hackathons.
Dell venue 10 tablets to the team - provided by MLH

TreeHacks Health: Best Mobile Health App

Muse Headbands for the team

TreeHacks Health: Best Big Data Hack - Sponsored by Oscar Health

23andMe Kits for the team

TreeHacks Health: Best Wearables Hack - Sponsored by Misfit Wearables

Misfit Shines for the team

TreeHacks Health: Mental Health Innovation Prize - Sponsored by Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pebble Time Round or Pebble Time Steel Smartwatches for the team.

Best Social Impact Prize - Sponsored by GoodHacks

First Prize: Lunch with Stanford President Hennessey + $400 to a charity of your choice
Second Prize: Coaching with Shannon Farley & Tour of Fast Forward + $400 to a charity of your choice

Best Use of Microsoft Technology - Sponsored by Microsoft

Microsoft Band v2, Microsoft iOS Kit for Raspberry Pi 2

Most Thoughtful with Security in Mind - Sponsored by Netsuite

Hero 4 with Accessories, FitBit Flex, Philz Coffee, Dylans Candy, Williams and Sonoma Gift Card, NetSuite Gear

Best Use of IBM Bluemix - Sponsored by IBM

Parrot Drones for the team

Best Use of Amazon Alexa Voice User Experience - Sponsored by Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echos for the team.

Favorite Use of Data Visualization - Sponsored by Illumio

Syma Explorer Quadcopters for the team

Best Hack a Team Should Keep Building Post-TreeHacks - Sponsored by 1517 (3)

$1000 USD grant to each winning team.

Best Use of Uber API - Sponsored by Uber

$75 Uber credits for the team.

Best Use of Wolfram Tech - Sponsored by Wolfram

1 raspberry Pi, 1 $100 Visa Giftcard, 1 year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro, 1 year of Wolfram Development Platform at Producer level for the team.

Best Travel Hack - Sponsored by AirBnB

AirBnB credits for the team.

Facebook's Favorite Choice - Sponsored by Facebook

Dk2 (Developer Kit)

Best Use of SendGrid - Sponsored by SendGrid

Winners' choice of prize (up to $500)

Best Use of Data Visualization - Sponsored by Qualtrics

Choice of Snowboard, Longboard or Mountain Bike for each team member.

Funniest Use of Domain.com - Via MLH

Domain.com Swag bags and Sparkfun Redboards.

Best use of AWS - Via MLH

Portable 1TB Harddrives.

Best Use of Intel Hardware

Winning team gets drones!

Flipboard's Favorite

Tour of Flipboard's Palo Alto office & lunch with CEO Mike McCue.

Dropbox - Most Cupcakey

Sushi making set

Dropbox - Best use of API

100gb of Dropbox space to each team member.

Dropbox - Aim Higher

Choice of Samsung VR headset or Bohm wireless headphones

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Mendel Rosenblum

Mendel Rosenblum
Co-founder of VMWare, Stanford Professor

Mar Hershenson

Mar Hershenson
Co-founder Pejman Mar Ventures

John Lilly

John Lilly
Greylock Partners, Former CEO of Mozilla

Ellen Levy

Ellen Levy
Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Connect

Kim Polese

Kim Polese
Chairwoman of ClearStreet

Bob Dougherty

Bob Dougherty
Stanford Professor, Neurobiological Imaging Center

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Challenge
    Hacks that are more difficult to implement will be scored highly. Impressive architecture, technical difficulty, and solving hard problems are all important parts of a successful hack. Using more advanced technologies is also a plus.
  • Polish
    Beautifully designed, and seamless and bug-less hacks, are impressive and rare, and will be valued as such. A fully polished product, ready to ship, and without major bugs or oversights, is great.
  • Creativity
    We want TreeHacks to be an environment that encourages highly innovative and different ideas, so we will be keeping an eye out for ideas that pique our interest or make us see the space or problem differently.

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